New Life - Saatchi

Gallery 4 is divided by a maze of string curtains. The entrance presents ideas upon the entangled lives of living things, human control and symbiotic relationships. Bird sound and flickering image emanate through the strings, to find an emancipatory experience with the film Our House.

First Aid, 2021. Oak tree, superglue, wound dressings, board, surgical kit.

First Aid, is an English oak broken into over 80 pieces that has been glued and bandaged back together. Superglue and plasters, both designed to fix humans are used for the plant. This 2021 version adds the English oak (previously a lime), plus surgical kit and a number of branches which as of yet could not be repaired. These are laid out for ease of identification and re-uniting and look like a form of script, the plant communicating with us, (a nod to John Newling's Nymans Language). Unfortunately due to human error these limbs cannot currently be re-united with their original positions.

Tweeter, 2021. Wood, electronics, taxidermy.

Tweeter, 2021. A speaker with the tweeter removed. To be hung in a tree as a bird box for nesting. To what extent do we protect existing wildlife and look at the possibility for replicant alternatives to sustain biodiversity?

The Light, 2021. Wood, plant, paint, soil, light

A bindweed locked in a specially constructed blackout cupboard with only one tiny hole and light source. It finds its way from the darkside. This is the WIP, (syringe for watering). The front panel is later removed to present plant pot on the black side of the panel and bindweed passing through to the light.

Mop, 2021. Maple sapling, mop head

A mop head attached to a dying maple sapling with its stem snapped as if the mop handle is snapped. Plants, our servants or protectors? Many live hundreds of years longer than us. How much more cleaning can they cope with? What are the possibilities for plant robots?

Our House, 2020. (film still)

Our House, 2020. Film duration 1min.20sec.

Dawn chorus recorded in Epping Forest 10 May 2020, set to archive footage of acid house parties. Sunday 10 May 2020 was the last day of the first lockdown. There was no car, train or air travel allowed. It was possibly the quietest day in the world ever and the loudest dawn chorus.
Nature is our party - 'My house is your house'

Alt. The film opens with people dancing in the open air in front of what seem to be car headlights but the sound they are dancing to is bird song. The film progresses to show large gatherings of people, bright and full of joy. They seem to have a freedom. There is a connection between them, their location and nature as one big family.

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