Local Whispers - London

Local Whispers 1 - Full Rabbit exhibition
'Local Whispers' relates to human perception, the freedom of the imagination and the unreliability of human recollection. The first 'Local Whispers' installation of 2011 was specifically arranged for the V&A's British Galleries and to work with Cornelia Parker's 'Breathless'. This rearrangement makes use of an excavated room in the vaults of Shoreditch Town Hall and exposes objects, words and sounds collected from the UK and China. Visitors are invited to explore both sounds and the related objects, using the sound to set the immediate surroundings and object as a catalyst for the imagination.

Top: Local Whispers, main installation view. Above: Window view.
Medium: ink, rice paper, found objects, sound, lazer.

Local Whispers 2

Local Whispers 2 - Full Rabbit exhibition
First developed and exhibited at Platform China, Institute of Contemporary Art, Beijing as part of the Half Rabbit exhibition. Bamforth/EEC worked with Sui Jianguo and Jun Yuan discussing each of the exhibition artworks, producing recordings of the discussions. The gallery was then stripped bare except for plinths and hooks. The recordings analysing the artworks were then played in the space, a sort of audio ghost of the Half Rabbit exhibition. Audio prepared from recordings were presented again in three rooms at the Full Rabbit Exhibition in the vaults of Shoreditch Town Hall, London.

Artists involved: Sui Jianguo, Bamforth/EEC, Jun Yuan, Ding Xin, Ruan Qianrui and Shan Studio.
Above: Local Whispers 2, Room A. Centre: Room B. Bottom: Room C.
Medium: Gallery rooms, sound.