Culture - Queens Wood

Culture - Exhibition, Queens Wood, London
At a time when the UK government is ordering the unnecessary culling of badgers for a supposed suppression of tuberculosis this installation explores government policy and interactions of human and animal culture. A battery operated talking Mickey Mouse has cordoned off the area, whilst a family of 16 badger's spirits rise from their sett in one of London's most ancient woodlands, Queens Wood. In tandem with the current affairs regarding environmental policies, there is a discussion to be had about where culture is, to what degree it is inherent in other organisms and how valuable to the world as a whole, are the cultures of other organisms alongside humans.

Above: Culture 2013 (installation view)
Medium: Plastic, acrylic paint, synthetic fabrics, fishing line, speaker, electronics
Dimensions: Variable
Duration: Variable

Culture 2013 (detail)

The RSPCA state 'Scientific consensus doesn't support the badger cull. More than 30 of the top animal disease experts described the cull as a 'costly distraction' that risks making the problem of tuberculosis in cattle worse and that will cost far more than it saves'.