Ash 2016
Watercolour study of the installation.
(Only beetles are listed here but all species of flora and fauna will be represented in the installation)

Ongoing since 2013 the work focuses on the Ash tree but highlights the tough time many native species are having. The installation involves an Ash tree that has been felled because of Chalara infestation. It is to be cremated in the gallery space. Associated species will all be representing at the funeral.

Warmer climate, changes in humidity and human induced migration of species are all contributing factors that increase the susceptibility of disease, fungus and infestation from new sources. What is important is not only the individual species themselves but all the flora and fauna that co-habit and are associated with the key species. The work develops as ongoing research and monitoring bodies build a database of all associated species to be presented alongside the ash of the Ash tree.

Above: Watercolour studies.

Three Installations

Ash is one of a triptych of installations across three separate rooms: The first room Before is a wilderness, virgin forest recreated in a gallery where visitors have to trample to get through the space. Ash is the central room as described above. Visitors cross this space bringing with them ash on their feet into the last room After. Here a mass of replicants are seen to be hatching from cocoons on the walls. Their carcasses are briefly used by the public before being discarded and crunching under foot.

Above: Study for replicants in the After room