Local Whispers 2 - Beijing

Local Whispers 2, 2011
Medium: Gallery space, frames, plinths, hooks, audio
Dimensions: Variable

A cross-culture audio depiction of art. An exhibition with the artworks removed. Platform China, Institute of Contemporary Art, Beijing.
Bamforth worked with Sui Jianguo discussing each of the exhibition artworks and recording the analysis, to then strip the gallery bare except for plinths and frames. The audio recordings from Chinese artists analysing the UK artworks were then played in each of the three gallery spaces, a sort of audio ghost of the Half Rabbit exhibition. Original recordings were done in close proximity with each artwork so the ambient background noise was retained. Audio from Sui Jianguo, Jun Yuan, Alexis Murakami, Ding Xin and Shan Studio.

Sui Jianguo and Alexis Bamforth discussing Catherine Shakespeare Lane/Paolozzi's 'On Top Of Eduardo'

Sui Jianguo talking about EEC's 'The Wall'

Sui Jianguo describing Neil Webb's 'Film'

Jun Yuan analysing 'On Top Of Eduardo'

Jun Yuan talking about Christian Krupa's 'Reluctant Rabbit'