900kgs Of CO2

My Fault 2015
Studies for sculpture '900kgs of CO2'
Medium: Graphite on paper

The proposed sculpture is one tonne of cement suspended above head height on a fraying rope. Touching on our individual responsibility to the world as consumers, it at the same time intends to draw attention to cheap production in the construction industry.
900 Kilograms is the amount of carbon dioxide given off in the production and forming of one tonne of cement. Numerous buildings make excessive use of cement. It is a cheap building material that is overused because developers cut design costs when in actual fact their material costs and environmental impact could be reduced through clever design. Engineers, architects, and developers should be held responsible for the amount of cement they use. Many alternative options are available, from use of lightweight aggregate in concrete formation, to use of different materials where possible.

Top: Studies for 900kgs Of CO2, graphite, 130 x 210mm
Above: 900kgs Of CO2 watercolour study, 500 x 800mm
Below: 900kgs Of CO2 watercolour study, detail