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Testing The Wheel - AARCH005-CD
Testing The Wheel CD cover

Presented here are the first recorded works following a decade of experimentation. These early compositions aim to refine and define several methods in generative music making, to prove the indefinite moods and experiences possible and understand more of how the listener is stimulated by such unfamiliar territory. The compositions break from the barriers of scale and timing associated with traditional music to allow the freedom to explore new possibilities. All use generative tools in their music creation and are the outcome of self-made audio and visual synthesisers coupled to different stimuli. Control comes in varying degrees from the rules set at the beginning of the development process. Methods for playing the machines vary greatly according to project. Unexpected outcomes are celebrated and essential to the process.

cd and vinyl cover

Limited Delux 180gram Vinyl Edition - These limited run of 40 disks come in Mobile Fidelity's archive quality Master Sleeve and are housed in an individually hand punched, cut and stamped slipcase.

CD - Presented in an individually hand punched, cut and stamped wallet. Printed disk and booklet shows artwork by Experimenter En Couleur to represent musical scores and sources.

Tracks 01, 02, 03, & 12 are constructed with a number of different machines playing together. Synchronised to the master timing, they are confined to a reduced spectrum of sound possibilities but able to modulate their own notes. Composition involves auditioning each oscillation as it progresses, accompanied by a decision to keep or modify the source settings. Many involve oscillations as long as the track they are in and so a lengthy process evolves, choosing and mixing each machine’s chance outcome to form one composition. In track 12 the machines are constrained more and set to revert to a hand sequenced pattern, ending all note variation.

Tracks 04, 05, 06, 08 & 09 are produced from the internal randomisations of the ever developing Project C synthesiser, originally designed for the See-Sound project. It can produce almost infinite sound possibilities and has total freedom to define its own timing, number of different sounds played at once and how they are played. With a certain life of its own, it produces sounds and sporadic rhythms to layer each other forming undefined structures and micro-structures. These can be interrupted by the machine’s next stimulus whilst still remembering parts of the theme it started with and able to reintroduce it at any time. Tracks 04, 05 & 06 use an additional audio input combined as modulator and audio source for granular processing.

Tracks 07, 10 & 11 are born from manipulated visual data similar to genome map extracts. Tones are produced according to colour information and the generated waveform is then tuned within another synthesiser engine. Sections from longer recordings have been selected here to become individual tracks, to demonstrate some interesting note choices and dynamics that encourage the ear to listen harder.
Testing The Wheel EP - AARCH001-CDR

A limited edition release of 400 hand printed, drawn and numbered CDRs. This first Experimenter En Couleur audio release appeared in 2007. Its aim, to test the ground at the extremes of experimental music to bridge gaps between genres and interest a varied audience.

Review quoted from Mike Smallfish; 'You'll want to check this excellent release out if you're a fan of such labels as Raster Noton or 12k. There's a definite nod to those labels and associated artists on this first release for new label Audio Architecture, yet it confounds those expectations by being a thoroughly engaging and somewhat unusual piece of work. Beautifully presented with a tracing paper sleeve and with a limited press you get 5 tracks that range between click-driven, minimal work and a more free-flowing style of electronic music that references jazz and classical. Thoughtfully arranged and produced to a very high standard, this is a release that should see the artist gaining a much wider profile... they certainly deserve it. Recommended'.

This edition has sold out but you can find two of the tracks from this EP on the album Testing The Wheel AARCH005 here.