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Medan Mara
06 2012 Complex Megadisaster NY
02 2012 Local Whispers for Full Rabbit
07 2011 Local Whispers 2 Beijing
06 2011 The Wall at Platform China
06 2011 R Sequence at Platform China
04 2011 Medan Mara Kuala Lumpur
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06 2010 Testing The Wheel album
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11 2008 Untitled for Audio Arch
04 2008 Outside-Inside Installation
10 2007 See-Sound for Audio Arch
09 2007 Mirrored Beck's Fusions
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11 2006 Evolution Synthetica at V&A
04 2006 Din-Berlin Generative perform
12 2005 Composition H1 and H2
10 2005 Form, Colour and Time paper
07 2005 George Club London re-design
06 2005 Din-Barca Generative perform
04 2005 Composition L1 and L2
11 2004 Cardinal Place glass canopy
10 2004 Din-NY Galapagos Brooklyn
06 2004 Din-Barca Sonar Week
12 2003 Stream performance London
09 2003 Waldorf Hotel re-design
06 2003 Din-Barca Japan field recording
02 2003 Lighting/Audio Research NY
06 2002 Round at Cube Sonar Week
01 2002 Timber Pod Hotel Heathrow
09 2001 WCMT Research Award
09 2000 Neural Nets within Arch paper
08 1999 Fusion Club Leeds
01 1998 A Maze installation Leeds
06 1995 Meander installation Canterbury
facade concept by EEC

Facade Concept - Medan Mara building Kuala Lumpur
A concept for the refurbishment of the landmark Medan Mara building, Kuala Lumpur. Facade Concept is a kinetic sculpture on a massive scale. Powered by the wind, it produces subtle sounds and stunning visual patterns.

The 'songket' weaving design on the existing Medan Mara facade is to be enhanced by 20,000 movable dichroic tiles. Each tile is hinged at its top edge and reflects two colors dependent on the angle of reflection. In the test film below; a gold/indigo combination is used to represent the metal threads. Supported 1.5m from the facade on slender frames are huge arrays of these tiles to form an ever changing visual screen of wind patterns. The tiles semi-translucent nature ensures the existing 'songket' design remains visible. Facade Concept adds a living element to the Medan Mara building, now reflecting the life of the city around it by day and night, organicaly being a part of it and transforming with it.

Lighting Concept

Mara facade concept by EEC
Top: Medan Mara night view from Petronas Towers Sky Bridge. Above: Medan Mara night view, bistro/entrance elevation.

mara elevation - facade concept by EEC
facade concept by EEC
facade concept drawing

Above three: Details from Medan Mara night view.



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