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See-Sound for Audio Architecture
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10 2005 Form, Colour and Time paper
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06 2005 Din-Barca Generative perform
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09 2001 WCMT Research Award
09 2000 Neural Nets within Arch paper
08 1999 Fusion Club Leeds
01 1998 A Maze installation Leeds
06 1995 Meander installation Canterbury
oscilloscope stills

See-Sound and ProjectC001
Following on from the paper 'Form, Colour and Time', the aim was to create an intuative instrument that can play an infinite array of sounds and give an accurate visual representation of the sounds in real-time. To achieve a representation as good as Kandinsky in terms of the way it deals with colour-sound relationships and also direction, loudness, pitch and space, but in live video form. The starting point was with the ProjectC001 synthesiser. Built by EEC this is connected to a lissajous test interface, modified to display three dimensional forms.The above images, show four snapshots from earlier ProjectC001 tests. What can be seen is the waveforms under manipulation.

The below are three early recordings from self made synthesiser ProjectC001 and adapted oscilloscope recorded as a test for the 'SeeSound' instrument.

Although the above fail to represent form and colour accurately, they go some way to representing pitch. The closeness of the verticals make part of the image lighter and so more akin to a higher pitch. This is all very well, but a high note, for example in the right foreground, is shown as a lighter patch on the lower half of the screen and therefor wrongly positioned in the space that is the canvas. Texture of the sound is represented pretty well by the nature of the oscilloscope and wave shape, but can be placed in unjustifiable positions on the canvas.



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